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What is the IYT App?

How does it work?


IYT Application (APP IYT) works on PC/MAC and Android tablets !

The IYT application provides access to the lives and lessons. To access, download it on your computer and/or on your tablet and/or your mobile.
Rely on the live performance of the teacher to understand and make the right musical choices at the right time.

In other words , the teacher will explain why and how it has played in the live performance, and gives you the keys to get there.


Live performance:
The application starts with one or more musicians playing live and are filmed by several cameras. You have the choice to watch the live in random mode (the view changes automatically), or to control yourself angles of YOUR wish.

The lessons:
Once the download is complete, reach not only to the live performance but also to the lesson that matches it.
This lesson is available in the form of chapters with colored icons placed throughout the timeline of live performances. You can consult it any time by clicking on it. Color codes make it easy to identify the different levels of difficulty. In parallel, the teacher can also provide access to his method of teaching in a specific tab.

Lesson content and functionality:
A lesson consists of several explanations : theoretical, practical, anecdotiques...This lesson is always connected to what is played in live performance and serves to guide you in your choices.

Many features are available to learn the techniques presented, at your own pace:
| Tuner: lends his instrument.
| Metronome: it is both sonic and visual. It also allows you to practice only scores.
| Management cameras: Take total control over and decide angles of your choice.
| Tempo control: allows you to make the teacher playing faster or slower.
| Partitions: a cursor scrolls along the score to the rhythm of exercise in a karaoke mode. There is also the option to download all partitions in .pdf .
| Loop: Set yourself area looping between point A and point B to play and replay the exercise until its total control.


How does it work ?

Once you have downloaded the IYT app on www.isyourteacher.com :

1. Enter your Username and your Password! 



2. Tabs on the top of the IYT app! 


3. Choose and open the lesson you want!


4. Choose a camera angle!


5. YOU control the speed of your teacher's playing!


6. Get your teacher to play as many loops as you want!


7. Add a click/metronome to your teacher's performance!


8. Select the TIP you want from your teacher... and/or go back to the live performance!


9. Slide the cursor on the timeline to choose the section you want!


10. Click this icon to get an overview of all the TIPS related to this performance!


11. Use the ONLINE mode to share your experience on Social Medias!



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