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Press release

IsYOURteacher is the first educational music application that allows you to take your teacher anywhere you want to practice your instrument, whatever if you are connected to the internet or not.

You can learn to play music in different ways : at sunrise in the countryside, in a mountain refuge high noon on a motorway at night, see the middle of a lake at night... it is now possible ! Learn all the secrets of your favorite artists anywhere : Alain Caron’s slap in the middle of a garden, Damien Schmitt’s drum chops on a Brazilian beach, Pierre Côté’s patterns on a roof, or John Roney’s harmony secrets in your rehearsal space soundproof and waterproof waves wifi network.

Learn all the secrets of your favorite artists anywhere : Alain Caron’s slap in the middle of a garden, Virgil Donati, Damien Schmitt, Thomas Lang, Jean-Philippe Fanfant or André Ceccarelli’s drum beats on a Brazilian beach, Dominique Di Piazza or Pierre Côté’s patterns on a roof, or John Roney’s harmony secrets in your rehearsal space soundproof and waterproof waves wifi network.

Nomadic by nature, our application is resolutely multi-screens. Whether you're on a Mac or PC, on iPad or Android tablets, isYOURteacher replies to your expectations.

Have fun !

Thought by musicians for musicians, the application offers a new educational experience.

Browse our catalog and be in just a few clicks face to face with your teacher. He will accompany you through the application, designed to present lessons in the most intuitive way possible. With IsYOURteacher, no technical learning is needed : “Let’s play the music !”

Each lesson begins with a live that you can enjoy from every angle : let us guide you in a random way or control the views of the 4 cameras by yourself. Advice artists are made available at all times throughout this performance. Feel free to consult linearly or discover them according to your desires or according to different levels of difficulty illustrated by color codes easily identifiable.

One exercise begins with an introduction of the musician who exposes you about the content witch follow. Then can start the lesson, and it is your time to play ! Many features are available to learn the techniques presented, at your own pace:

  • Tuner: tune your instrument to start the exercise on a good note
  • Metronome: activate our sound and visual metronome on the preset good tempo
  • Tempo control: play your favorite artist faster or slower
  • Management cameras: take control and stop the viewing angle of your choice or resume the thread of the assembly proposed by the application
  • Music Score: follow the pace of the exercise in Karaoke mode in small or bigger, in linear mode, or download it
  • Loop: You stumble on a passage exercise and you need to play and replay until his total mastery? This is possible through the loop playback function that complements the options panel of the application.


Music !

Worn by Alex Grousset and Damien Schmitt, isYOURteacher is a laboratory musico-technological maturing. Many changes, born musical experiences of the founders and their encounters on stages around the world, are being designed and will enhance the experience over time. With isYOURteacher, you're not at your surprises !

isYOURteacher is a free and independent project, launched with the passion of its founders, without external support. We want to expand this collaboration to our apprentices. Test the application and share us feedback. Support the project by spreading with your surroundings and via social networks. More community isYOURteacher apprentices will be important and the faster new developments will be proposed. Support isYOURteacher, talk about you, and give us the right pace... Share your wildest rehearsals experiences on Facebook and win many surprises, even a particular course with your favorite artist.

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For its launch, isYOURteacher surrounds itself with musicians of international renown like: Alain Caron and Dominique Di Piazza (bass), Virgil Donati, Damien Schmitt, Thomas Lang, Jean-Philippe Fanfant et André Ceccarelli (drums), Pierre Coté (guitar), John Roney (piano/keyboard). Each of these artists share lessons unpublished and offers exceptional live performances. Many other renowned musicians will feed this list in the coming months. Stay Connected ! https://www.facebook.com/laurence.comet.9?ref=ts&fref=ts

Our aim is to make accessible these artists with the technology but also a fair pricing practice. isYOURteacher offers to acquire a set of credits at a discount and then have these courses without delay or expiration date. isYOURteacher is offering all in one that combines unprecedented performance in video, interactive courses with their scores, all remaining well below the price of a standard DVD, a folio or a particular course ! It is a different learning, complementary to the classical pathway and pedagogically adapted to our mobile era, multi-screen and interconnected. You want to test the application without having to invest right now ? Contact us without delay and get free access to a demonstration course. We expect your feedback !

Test our app for free!

Want to test the IYT application for FREE? Create an account now and get a free DEMO lesson. We are waiting for your feedback!

Want more information about our project ? Do not hesitate to contact us at: hello@isyourteacher.com. We will be happy to inform you about our approach and experience.

Musically yours,

              Alex Grousset & Damien Schmitt

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