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  1. 1. How can I try isYOURteacher Application (App IYT) for free?
  2. 2. How much is a lesson?
  3. 3. How can I buy lessons? 
  4. 4. What are credits IYT?
  5. 5. Why are prices in Canadian dollars? ($ CAD)
  6. 6. What are your payment options?
  7. 7. Will isYOURteacher app work on a Mac or mobile device?
  8. 8. Do you ever add new lessons?
  9. 9. How many bands/teachers do you have?
  10. 10. Can I watch the lessons anytime? 
  11. 11. Do I need anything special to watch your videos?
  12. 12. How long are your lessons?
  13. 13. How long is the download of your lessons?
  14. 14. Which language is used for the lessons?
  15. 15. The live is incomplete, it stops before the end. What can I do?
  16. 16. I can't play some lessons that I already bought!





1. How can I try isYOURteacher Application (App IYT) for free?

CAUTION: this is valid for a Mac and a PC.

To try the application on iPadplease connect to the Apple Store

To try the application on Android Tablet: please connect to the Google Play Store

Here is the process to install and try the IYT App for free on Mac and PC, and thus benefit a free DEMO lesson:

  1. 1. Create an account:
    Click on the "SUBSCRIBE" tab and enter your info. Click on the DEMO tab. Click on the thumbnail(s) of the lesson(s) you are interested in. Another window opens: click on Add this lesson to my cart - value of 0 credit. Follow the free purchase process.
  2. 2. Download Adobe AIR for free once your account has been created and the DEMO lesson selected: 

    Click on the "MY ACCOUNT" tab, then on the yellow rectangle that corresponds to your computer: a folder called IYT.air downloads on your computer. If it does not open automatically, click on it once downloaded. (Click "run" or "execute" whenever it is requested during the installation process). 
  3. 3. The application isYOURteacher automatically opens in a black frame with 2 white rectangles: 

    Write in these white rectangles your Login and your Password that you used to create your account. Then click on "Let's Play".
  4. 4. The thumbnail(s) of the DEMO lesson(s) you have chosen appears in black and white at the top of the frame:

    Click on the small arrow to start the download. The download may take a few minutes, depending on your Internet connection speed. (It is advisable to download only one lesson at a time if you have selected several lessons).
  5. 5. Once the lesson is downloaded, its thumbnail appears in color:
    Click on it. It opens automatically. Enjoy!

2. How Much is a lesson?

Except in rare cases, each lesson costs 5 credits thus $ 5 CAD (five canadian dollars). It is a single price. (1 credit IYT = 1$CAD). Click here to get the exchange rate against your currency.


3. How can I buy lessons? 

To purchase lessons, first purchase credits IYT. To purchase credits IYT, follow these steps following the instructions on the screen of the purchase process:
1. Log in to your account by clicking on the "LOG IN" at the top of the home page
2. Click the yellow gear that is at the top right of the page
3. Click on "MY CREDITS", then, click "CREDIT ACCOUNT"
4. Select the desired amount and click "NEXT"
5. Choose your payment method (this function is through PAYPAL). If you have a PayPal account, use it to complete the transaction .
if you do not have any Paypal account, do not stress, you can:
   a. create one by selecting "Create a PayPal account." (it's free)
   b . or simply pay with the credit card of your choice. To do this, click on "CREATE A PAYPAL ACCOUNT" and select the credit card of your choice (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, etc ...)
Info: Knowing protection policy purchases with PAYPAL


4. What are credits IYT?

Credits isYOURteacher [IYT credits] are used to pay the paid features of isYOURteacher. (1 credit IYT = 1$ CAD) You can use them to buy lessons and IYT products. There is nothing easier than buying credits IYT: you can pay with credit card, PayPal and many other payment methods as described in the section "How to buy IYT lessons" above.
Your purchase of credits IYT appears as a command honored in your account. The amount is displayed in the command. You can now buy lessons and IYT products following the instructions of the purchasing process on the screen, the price of these lessons and products will be deducted from the credit balance IYT .
If you do not use your credits IYT from your first download, isYOURteacher status will automatically "pending" in your credits IYT that are on your isYOURteacher account. You can always use credits IYT: you have no timeout .
Your credit balance IYT is charged at your discretion with the mode of payment and the amount of your choice. The fact that the amount paid in cash or converted into credits can download a large number of courses from a purchase of fifty canadian dollars ($ 50 CAD). For example, if you bought fifty dollars ($ 50 CAD) credit IYT, the recharge amount charged to your credit card will also be fiftty dollars ($ 50 CAD) but get a 5 credits bonus of credits IYT.
It is also possible to download the unit without using the mode credits IYT . For example, if you are interested in one content whose price is five dollars ($ 5.00 CAD), you can do so using any method of payment available to you by isYOURteacher. 
When closing an account , isYOURteacher cancel any pending transactions and you lose all balances and credits associated with your account. You must use your balance before the end of your isYOURteacher account.


5. Why are prices in Canadian dollars? ($ CAD)

isYOURteacher is a Canadian trademark registered in province of Quebec. Prices shown are in Canadian dollars. To know the exchange rate that corresponds to your currency, click here.


6. What are your payment options?

We accept credit card (Visa, Mastercard), as well as payments via PayPal.

7. Will isYOURteacher app work on a Mac or mobile device?

isYOURteacher is compatible with the Macs and PCs, Android tablets and iPads. It is not compatible for smart phones. If you use an iPad, you have to buy your lessons directly from the Apple Store. Here is the link: https://itunes.apple.com/fr/app/isyourteacher/id860528129?mt=8


8. Do you ever add new lessons?

We take pride in being the most renowned musicians of video music lessons on the web. We typically film, edit and publish new bands/artists every year. isYOURteacher will never be complete and will always be receiving updates in the form of new instructors and new lessons so that you can rest assured there will always be something new to learn.


9. How many bands/teachers do you have?

We will always adding more artists. Each of our instructors presents their material from their own perspective, in their own unique manner. This allows you to learn from a knowledgeable, but diverse group of individuals.


10. Can I watch the lessons anytime?

Absolutely! You can view any of our lessons any time of the day, any day of the week, 24/7. You can also view any lesson as many times as you want. There are zero restrictions on how many times you are allowed to view any of our lessons. 


11. Do I need anything special to watch your videos?

In order to enjoy the isYOURteacher application learning experience, you will need a computer (with Adobe .air included), and an internet connection. To watch our videos, you will need high speed internet but only during the first time. Once the app is downloaded into your computer, you don't need any internet connection. To free download Adobe AIR, clic on: http://www.isyourteacher.com/apps/IYT.air 


12. How long are your lessons?

It really depends of the subject and artist/teacher. Some lessons can last twice as long as others. It is important to keep in mind that you are not simply getting a website which offers a random collection of 2 minute clips. Instead, you are gaining access the most comprehensive, pedagogical, complete set of music lessons in the world. Everything is well arranged and caters to your needs.


13. How long is the download of your lessons?

The amount of time it takes to download your lesson will vary according to the lessons content's size and your Internet connection speed. A broadband connection is required and your download times may vary. If you want to know your speed specifics, your Internet Service Provider (ISP) can help you determine your download speed, or you can use CNET's Bandwidth Meter.


14. Which language is used for the lessons?

Lessons are given in the language of choice of the teacher: in English or French, but will always subtitled in one of the two languages. For example, if one speaks English, the lessons will be subtitled in French and vice versa.


15. The lesson is incomplete. What can I do?

Check your internet connection. Like any application, the app IYT and lessons are downloaded from a server. If your Internet connection is not stable and has micro-cuts, there are risks to get an INCOMPLETE download. Rather prefer a wired download - that is more stable - during the process (NO Wi-Fi). Put the appropriate lesson to trash > Connect your PC or tablet to your router > Download it over again.

Here is a trick you can try: do not download several lessons at once. Download a lesson after the other, then exit the application> re-open the application> download the second lesson and so on ...


16. I can't play some lessons that I already bought! 


DO NOT PANIC! - Please read before contacting us:

  1. If you have downloaded your lessons from the website isYOURteacher.com and want to read them on your iPad: 

The IYT lessons purchased on www.isYOURteacher.com may NOT be played on an iPad. Please go to the Apple Store:

  1. If you have downloaded your lessons from the Apple Store and want to play them on your PC or Mac or Android: 

The IYT lessons that were purchased on the Apple Store will be read ONLY on iPads.

  1. Make sure your computer has Adobe AIR: 

 The app IYT runs with Adobe AIR. Click here to download Adobe AIR for free.

  1. Verify that your tablet is powerful enough to run the application:

Sometimes they are clogged with games and pictures that can slow the app IYT...

  1. Check the permissions on your computer: 

The IYT lessons are protected. If you can not read them, it is possible that you have reached the maximum number of downloads of the same lesson for the same account.

  1. Make sure all of your authorized computers are using the latest version of isYOURteacher: 

If the app IYT does not appear on your screen, log on http://www.isyourteacher.com/en/my-account, then click on the corresponding version of your computer (PC / Mac or tablet )
Otherwise, enter this link into your URL: http://www.isyourteacher.com/apps/IYT.apk (for Android) or http://www.isyourteacher.com/apps/IYT.air (Mac / PC)
or click here: ANDROID or PC/MAC.

  1. This may be a problem with the cache / cookies: 

Refresh your cache and cookies. Then restart your computer, then open the App IYT again.


                                                       © isYOURteacher™ 2011-2017 - Les Productions Xarda inc.


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