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Extreme Warm-Ups and Chops

Level: Normal
Content of the lesson:
- Exercise #1: Hands Combination Over a Foot Ostinato
- Exercise #2: 16th Note Hand Foot Combinations
- Exercise #3: 16th Note Hand Foot Combinations-6 Note Grouping
- Exercise #4: 16th Note Triplets Hand Foot Combinations
- Exercise #5: 16th Note Double Stroke Roll Hand Foot Combinations
- Exercise #6: 16th Note Hand Foot Combinations Playing Cymbals
- Exercise #7: Binary and Ternary Patterns
- Exercise #8: Single Pedal Bass Drum Workout
- Exercise #9: Coordinating Bass Drum and Ride Cymbal
- Exercise #10: Linear Coordination Hands & Foot
- Exercise #11: Chops Idea #1
- Exercise #12: Chops Idea #2
- Exercise #13: Chops Idea #3
- Exercise #14: Chops Idea #4
- Exercise #15: Chops Idea #5
- Exercise #16: Chops Idea #6
- Exercise #17: Chops Idea #7

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Extreme Warm-Ups and Chops View full size

Extreme Warm-Ups and Chops

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